T8-S2. Helping geochronology: down to nano-investigations?

James Darling (james.darling@port.ac.uk)
Monika A. Kusiak (monika.kusiak@igf.edu.pl)
Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume (anne.magali.seydoux@univ-st.etienne.fr)

Keynote Speaker: Carolyn Crow, University of Colorado

Detailed records of the timing and rates of major geological processes are preserved in natural materials. With the availability of new sub-micron resolution analytical techniques, observations on the structural, chemical and isotopic complexities in dateable minerals can now be made. These techniques include atom probe tomography, transmission electron microscopy, electron backscatter diffraction, transmission kikuchi diffraction, NanoSIMS, TOF-SIMS (and more), which have made it possible to link the timings of mineral growth, deformation and metamorphism from micro to atomic scales. In particular, variations in trace element distribution and zonation, deformation due to tectonic or impact events and alteration in terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials, to name a few. This session aims to bring together researchers focusing on the development and integration of micro-to nanoscale analytical techniques in terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials to resolve major geological issues.