T6-S1. Spotlight on oxidation state and other redox proxies from Earth’s surface to core

Fabrice Gaillard (fabrice.gaillard@cnrs-orleans.fr)
Catherine McCammon (catherine.mccammon@uni-bayreuth.de)
Vincenzo Stagno (vincenzo.stagno@uniroma1.it)

Keynote Speaker: Baptiste Debret (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France)

Oxygen fugacity, often referred to as redox, is an elusive parameter, yet it controls a huge number of properties and processes involving minerals, melts and fluids on Earth’s surface (atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere) as well as within its interior. Oxygen fugacity is a state variable, just like temperature and pressure, and its history can often be inferred from rocks or other natural systems if appropriate proxies are available, for example oxidation state. This session will showcase oxygen fugacity from Earth’s surface to core, as well as proxies that can be used to decipher redox history. We welcome results from experimental, analytical and/or computational studies that cover everything from calibration and development to application with focus on either natural or synthetic systems.