T6-S4. Mineralogical Controls on Element Dynamics in the Critical Zone

Mathieu Chassé (mathieu.chasse@normalesup.org)
Agnieszka Gałuszka (Agnieszka.Galuszka@ujk.edu.pl)
Clément Levard (levard@cerege.fr)

Located at the interface between geological, hydrological and atmospheric compartments, the critical zone hosts interactions between rocks, water, air and biota. The mineralogical processes at stake govern biogeochemical cycling of elements. At the crossroad of disciplines including environmental mineralogy, (bio)geochemistry, geomicrobiology and soil sciences, this session aims at discussing new insights on the element dynamics in the critical zone, as controlled by mineralogical processes. We invite contributions which investigate these mechanisms using a variety of experimental and/or theoretical methods in natural or model critical zone systems. The topics concern both natural and anthropogenically-driven processes, including soil formation, ecosystem functioning, environmental contamination, supergene (critical) metal concentration and, more broadly, all subjects addressing frontier questions surrounding mineralogical mechanisms controlling element dynamics in the critical zone.