T6-S1. Bio- and authigenic minerals: Potential for paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Michael Boettcher (michael.boettcher@io-warnemuende.de)
Nikolaus Gussone (nikolaus.gussone@uni-muenster.de)

Reconstruction of environmental changes throughout Earth-history is of great importance for understanding climate dynamics of the Earth-system and the prediction of possible future climate scenarios. Authigenic and biominerals play key roles as archive for climate changes, perturbations of global biogeochemical cycles and major extinction events. In this session we address all aspects related to paleoenvironmental studies based on bio- and authigenic minerals, such as formation mechanisms, processes and parameters controlling geochemical signatures, preservation and diagenetic alteration as well as paleoenvironmental records and modelling approaches. The aim of the session is to present new developments, refinements based on field, experimental and modelling studies, and to evaluate potential applications as proxy-signals. We encourage contributions from different subdisciplines studying sedimentary archives from various perspectives, including paleoenvironmental reconstructions, experimental and modelling approaches, biomineralisation processes and proxy development.