T5-S3. Synkinematic minerals in faults: proxies for fluid-rock interactions and deformation conditions

Isabel Abad (miabad@ujaen.es)
Martine Buatier (martine.buatier@univ-fcomte.fr)

Keynote Speaker: Telemaco Tesei (Universitá degli Studi di Padova, Italy): Cracking & Decaying: some examples of how brittle and diffusive processes rule fault zones

This session will examine the relationship between mineral reaction processes or mineral growth, deformation mechanisms and fault strength, with special emphasis on fluid-rock interactions which are relevant along discontinuities favoring the development of fractures and veins or fault gouges composed of wall-rock fragments. The session seeks to explore the most recent advances and best practices in fault chronologies potential reactivation, deformation conditions and fluid circulation among other aspects. We welcome mineral and geochemical studies (i.e. stable and radiogenic isotopes), of synkinematic minerals in fracture zone and gouges as well as experimental and modelling approaches of mineralogical reactions related to deformation and fluid-rock interactions.