T2-S1. Materials sciences and Archaeometry for Cultural Heritage

Christoph Berthold (christoph.berthold@uni-tuebingen.de)
Piergiulio Cappelletti (piergiulio.cappelletti@unina.it)
Susanne Greiff (greiff@rgzm.de)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Giovanni Cavallo, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Dept. Environment Constructions Design (DACD), Institute of Materials and Constructions (IMC) „Fire as a tool” – The early stage of pyrotechnology in artificial hematite production.

Archaeometry and cultural heritage studies broaden our knowledge base concerning natural and processed geomaterials used in the past and the products resulting from their alteration. Traditional methods and modern spectroscopic techniques required to investigate cultural heritage for the reconstruction of ancient technological processes, tracing of the material sources, understanding of weathering processes, are mandatory in order to evaluate the effects of human action and natural processes on materials.

Aim of this session is to promote and stimulate discussions among geologists, mineralogists and other scientists from different backgrounds involved in cultural heritage studies. All these researchers are invited to present their results (oral and poster presentations) covering different aspects of archaeometry or conservation issues related to geomaterials.