T12-S4. The Geology of Gem Deposits: A Session in Honour of Gaston Giuliani

Lee A. Groat (groat@mail.ubc.ca)
Isabella Pignatelli (isabella.pignatelli@univ-lorraine.fr)

Gems have been prized for thousands of years, for their color, luster, transparency, durability, and high value to volume ratio. Gem deposits are rare because the geological conditions needed to produce them are exceptional; for example, in order for emerald to form beryllium must come into contact with chromium or vanadium, which concentrate in very different geochemical environments. These exceptional geological conditions make gem deposits worthy of scientific study, yet until the 1990s few papers had been published on the genesis of gem deposits.

This has certainly changed as evidenced by the increasing numbers of papers published and conference presentations in recent years. In this session we honour the career of Professor Gaston Giuliani, a pioneer and leader in the field, on the occasion of his retirement. In keeping with the wide range of Professor Giuliani’s scientific interests we welcome submissions in all areas of gem deposit and gemmological research.