T12-S3. Non-traditional sources of REE and other Technology Critical Elements (TCEs)

Carlos Ruiz Cánovas (carlos.ruiz@dgeo.uhu.es)
M Dolores Basallote  (maria.basallote@dct.uhu.es)
Pierre Rossi (pierre.rossi@epfl.ch)

Keynote Speaker: Jose Miguel Nieto

Extensive extraction of technology critical elements (TCEs) from the lithosphere and their usage results in a growing dispersion and remobilization of these elements within environmental compartments. TCEs may differ among countries but usually include Ga, Ge, In, Te, Nb, Ta, Tl, the platinum group elements (PGEs), rare earth elements (REEs), Sc and Y. The non-renewable nature and absence of primary deposits in some regions of the world urges to search alternative sources of TCEs. This session will discuss the existence of non-traditional sources of REE and other TCEs, their mobility in the environment and potential recovery technologies from these sources.