T12-S1. PGE Mineralogy and Geochemistry in natural and experimental systems

Tapio Halkoaho (tapio.halkoaho@gtk.fi)
Anna Vymazalova (anna.vymazalova@geology.cz)
Federica Zaccarini (federica.zaccarini@unileoben.ac.at)

Keynote Speaker: Hannah Hughes (University of Exeter, United Kingdom): From Core to Ore: Reflections on PGE source fertility and its controls on mineralization

The platinum group elements (PGE = Os, Ir, Ru, Rh, Pt and Pd) are carried in specific phases, the platinum group minerals (PGM). PGE may also occur in solid solution mainly in Ni-Cu-Fe sulfides and more rarely in oxides, such as chromite and magnetite. The PGM can be found in a wide variety of rock types and ore deposits and they can crystallize under different physicochemical conditions, such as temperature, sulfur and oxygen fugacity and presence of fluids. Local high PGE concentrations can be achieved through complex geochemical combinations that led, in some cases, to the formation of economic deposits. This session invites contributions dealing with geochemical and mineralogical aspects of the PGE and their host rocks, found in conventional and unconventional occurrences and economic deposits. Results obtained with traditional and innovative techniques on natural and synthetic phases are welcome.