T12-S6. Petrological tools and strategies applied to crustal metamorphism

Chiara Groppo (chiara.groppo@unito.it)
Pierre Lanari (pierre.lanari@geo.unibe.ch)
Clare Warren (clare.warren@open.ac.uk)

Keynote Speaker: Adrian Jones (University Collage of London)

Unravelling the petrogenetic history of metamorphic rocks requires a number of approaches, from the traditional (e.g. fieldwork and optical microscopy) to the cutting edge (e.g. atom probe chemo-tomography).  We invite contributions from across the whole field of metamorphism that showcase and test new strategies for solving petrological problems.  These may include(but are not limited to) new methods and approaches in geochronology, petrochronology, thermodynamic modelling, trace element thermometry, elastic barometry, multiequilibrium thermobarometry, fluid-rock interaction etc.  We particularly aim to showcase contributions that focus on the methodology and approach rather than on the specific details of the metamorphic or geodynamic implications of the results.