T11-S3. (Ultra)high-temperature metamorphism, crustal anatexis and granite formation

Bernardo Cesare (bernardo.cesare@unipd.it)
Federico Farina (federico.farina@unimi.it)
Barbara Kunz (barbara.kunz@open.ac.uk)

Keynote Speaker: Bruna B. Carvalho (University of Padova, Italy)

Granitoids s.l. make up much of Earth’s upper continental crust, representing the ultimate product of differentiation of our planet. Production by (U)HT metamorphism and transfer of anatectic melts are integral to the growth and maturation of the continental crust influencing its architecture and the tectonic evolution of orogens. Evidence for origin and fate of granitic melts are preserved in the microstructures, phase assemblages, mineral and whole-rock compositions of (U)HT-granulites and migmatites, as well as in igneous rocks formed by anatexis. However, details of the processes occurring from the deep crustal source regions to the shallow-level intrusions of granitic magmas remain poorly understood. In addition, the rising demand of critical metals (e.g. Li, Sn, REE) has kindled interest in the processes able to enrich these elements in granitic rocks. This session will contribute to the understanding of the processes and stages from crustal melting to emplacement of granites.