T10-S4. Isotopic tracers of mantle and magma evolution

Samuele Agostini (samuele.agostini@igg.cnr.it)
Riccardo Avanzinelli (ravanzinelli@unifi.it)
Valby Van Schijndel (vanschi@uni-potsdam.de)

The genesis of magma in the mantle and its storage and evolution en route to the surface represent have fundamental implications for a large number of geological processes at various scales. This includes large scale processes such as the cycling of element through Earth and the chemical evolution of the continental crust, but also more local processes leading to volcanic activity.
Isotopic tracers provide invaluable information on all these topics and are used to constrain a number of processes ranging from the mantle metasomatism and melting, to magma genesis and evolution, including the interaction between different magmas and the crust beneath active volcanic systems. We welcome all contributions that apply traditional and non-traditional isotope systematics to investigate the processes magma genesis and evolution through the through geologic time.