T10-S2. A journey into the subduction factory: slab-derived melt/fluids and their interaction with mantle

Enrico Cannaò (enrico.cannao@unimi.it)
Luca Samuele Capizzi (luca.capizzi87@gmail.com)
Erwin Schettino (eschettino@correo.ugr.es)
Carla Tiraboschi (ctirabos@uni-muenster.de)

Keynote Speaker: Marion Louvel (University of Münster)  „In-situ DAC experiments: Windows into the composition and properties of slab-derived fluids and melts”

Understanding the interactions between different lithological reservoirs involved in the subduction factory is a key question to unravel the evolution of the Earth. The study of the petrological and geochemical processes involving fluid and melts from the subducting slab, and their interaction with the mantle is a multidisciplinary and rapidly expanding field of research. The application of petrology, trace and isotopic geochemistry to subducted-related products together with thermodynamic and redox calculations represents an important tool to assess processes such as magma generation, mantle refertilization, isotopic heterogeneities, and global-scale elements and volatiles cycling. In this session we invite multidisciplinary contributions combining experimental and analytical petro-geochemical studies, and new avenues to integrate knowledge across subduction zone processes, as well as to explore their implications on the mantle’s evolution from shallow to deeper levels.