T1-S5. Clay minerals: Genesis, properties and applications

Blanca Bauluz (bauluz@unizar.es)
Stephen Hillier (Stephen.Hillier@hutton.ac.uk)
Mercedes Suárez (msuarez@usal.es)

Keynote Speaker: Fernando Nieto

This session will cover the mineralogy, crystal-chemistry and geological aspects as well as the properties, synthesis, and applications, along with the challenges of identification, characterisation and quantification that span the diverse world of clays and clay minerals. We hope to open a broad discussion on the role of these minerals for geological, mineralogical, technological and environmental purposes. The growing number of new applications with higher added values of these minerals requires a thorough knowledge of their mineralogical and their crystal-chemical variability, as well as more efficient and innovative processing of end products. Contributions will include both natural and synthetic case studies and experimental or modelling works in various geological and technological processes and environments.