T1-S4. Mineralogy of Industrial Residues

Hannu Makkonen (hannu.t.makkonen@gtk.fi)
Luciana Mantovani (luciana.mantovani@unipr.it)
Daniel Vollprecht (Daniel.Vollprecht@unileoben.ac.at)

Keynote Speaker:  Sieger van der Laan (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)

Industrial residues, e.g. from mineral processing, metallurgy, ceramics, energy production and waste treatment, contain synthetic analogues of natural mineral phases, whose physical and chemical properties determine their application as secondary raw material as anthropogenic ore or construction material and also their behaviour in landfills. However, their content of potentially environmentally problematic elements, e.g. heavy metals, may pose a significant environmental risk whose mitigation requires profound mineralogical and geochemical knowledge. Consequently, this session addresses contributions  which deal with mineralogical or geochemical aspects of all kind of industrial residues.