T1-S2. Applied mineralogy in Materials Science issues: Geo- and synthetic materials

Roberto Giustetto (roberto.giustetto@unito.it)

Mariano Marcurio (mamercur@unisannio.it)

Rafał Panek (rapanek@gmail.com)


Keynote Speaker: Binoy Sarkar (University of Lancaster, UK) “Composite clay materials for environmental clean-up applications”


This session invites contributions reporting on new and innovative developments and applications in the characterization, manufacturing and processing of mineral-related materials of economical, ecological and/or cultural relevance, in relation to their functional, mechanical, physical/chemical properties and microstructural features (phase assemblage, texture, porosity, etc.).

We therefore envisage lectures and posters on geomaterials and their synthetic counterparts, biological and biomimetic/bioinspired materials, as well as other human-made, non-metallic-inorganic materials dealt with in mineralogical labs, such as classical and technical ceramics, lithic implements, composite materials, etc.

Cross-disciplinary contributions presenting advances in the manufacturing and processing techniques, characterization methods, materials science related theories and simulation are particularly welcome.