T1-S1. Geometallurgy in beneficiation of ore deposits

Jussi Liipo (jussi.liipo@mogroup.com)
Eric Pirard (eric.pirard@uliege.be)

Geometallurgy relates to the practice of combining geology and mineralogy with metallurgy and it reflects a shift towards more efficient project evaluation and process optimization to enable the sustainable use of natural mineral resources. Bridging the gap between geology and mineral engineering has become a key to success in modern mining operations. The main objective of this session is to promote the dialogue among different disciplines and to raise the awareness in the geological and mineralogical community about the new tools and techniques that contribute to the understanding and modeling of a deposit.

Papers dealing with advanced ore characterization (e.g., core scanning, automated mineralogy), spatial modeling, or with any other topic related to minerals and mineral engineering (e.g., process mineralogy, applied mineralogy and mineral balancing) are welcomed.