T1-S1. Developments in Process Mineralogy

Alan Butcher (alan.butcher@gtk.fi)
Duncan Pirrie (duncan.pirrie@southwales.ac.uk)

Following the introduction of automated SEM-EDS technologies in the 1980’s – 2000’s, the area of Process Mineralogy has seen significant advances, such as the improved understanding and quantification of particle behavior around mineral processing circuits, leading to improved recoveries and a reduction in losses to waste streams. However, recent developments have started to integrate other geo-analytical technologies with SEM-EDS, such as x-ray and laser-based scanning (X-CT, micro-X-CT, Raman spectroscopy, & scanning XRF), as well as enhanced optical imaging and analysis. Image registration and correlative microcopy has allowed a breakthrough in quantifying rock textures, and associated mineralogy important for process improvement, to be up-scaled beyond the particle-scale, even beyond the thin-scale, up to the core-scale, and eventually to the ore deposit-scale. This session will showcase some of the developments in this emerging multi-scale, multi-modal, area of activity, which combines the best of process mineralogy, geometallurgy and ore deposit modelling.