The Norris Scientific competition – data reduction software LADR


The Norris Scientific microanalytical company that specializes in LA-ICP-MS is offering their flagship product, that is a data reduction package that is used globally by laser ablation labs (research, mining, and commercial) and is particularly prominent in the field of geochemistry, as a prise for the best oral presentation during ENC2020 meeting.

This competition is dedicated to any geologist who is analysing minerals in 2021 is using LA-ICP-MS, albeit alongside a plethora of other techniques of course.

The prize is a 5 year subscription to data reduction software LADR ( for each recipient. The value of this prize would be $2400 AUD (1300 GBP) for an academic, or half that for a student. The company is willing to offer up to 10 of these prizes for EMC2020 meeting.

Moreover, If it turns out that a recipient already has a subscription to LADR then Norris Scientific will refund them the rest of their subscription, or at their request It will be transferred the prize to another person of their choosing.

How to apply?

  1. You have to be registered participant of EMC2020;
  2. Your activity during this meeting is oral presentation;
  3. You have to be user of any LA-ICP-MS;
  4. Finally, apply for the competition by filling the following application form: